Paul has made a HUGE positive impact on my business and me personally. His coaching, life experience and business experience helped our team and clients immensely over the last three years. Our team (and bottom line) would not be as strong and successful as it is today without this man. Thanks Paul. I hope others will take advantage of all you offer. It’s been a very good investment for us.”

Holly Gallagher, CEO of Horizon Financial

We started working with Boxcar Business Coaching in mid 2020 after working with another business coach for many years. Our experience with Paul was very different. He asked us the tough questions that forced us to take an honest look at our business and make some tough decisions. Our leadership team changed drastically since we started working with Paul and is much more effective. Our quarterly sessions have become much more focused on the issues our business faces, not on the distractions caused by previous leadership team members. Paul has been with us every step of the way, including helping us recruit and hire new talent. He crafts every session based on feedback from the team and works relentlessly to make us the best version of ourselves. The work is not easy, but if you want World Class results, I highly recommend you engage with Boxcar Advisors.

Doug Filzek, CEO of Hydraulic Parts Source

I have worked with Paul for 2+ years and have valued his commitment to helping our leaders become stronger and disciplined in achieving our goals. Paul’s approach in coaching reflects his passion for developing leaders to know how to get things done to grow the business according to the strategic plan we developed in his sessions. Our work together has a synergistic combination of coaching, facilitation and guidance that gets all of us out of our comfort zones and into an open space where our ideas are unpacked and aligned through healthy debate. Our intense focus on outcomes and the clear action plans needed to achieve those outcomes are generated from the work we do at our quarterly meetings at Boxcar, which Paul facilitates to ensure our collective learning and accountability. Paul is an excellent coach in his work with multiple levels of our leadership and he has also proven to be an excellent sounding board in the many one-to-one conversations I have had with him in my role as COO. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Paul and am confident we will continue to see greater team strength and discipline as well as continued prosperity in our company.

Mike Hart, COO of Dynamic Computer

We are very fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to work with Boxcar Advisory (Paul Tetreault) for our Company’s strategic business coaching. He has helped us refocus on what our organization’s real value is, which gave us the ability to prioritize, plan, and ultimately grow. He has given us a new perspective on what our organization was doing and-just as importantly-what it shouldn’t be doing. He explains the fundamentals, sharing insights and training us to implement these strategies in our organization. But he has also been a coach and cheerleader, encouraging us as individuals to grow into our roles as team leaders, make the hard decisions, and then celebrating with us as we reap the rewards. Pau has been a key team member in our organization’s success. We could not have done it without him.”

Dana M. Beels, COO of Red Level Group

“Dynamic Computer Corporation has worked with Boxcar Advisory and Paul since 2016 for 6+ years. It is hard to overstate the tremendous positive impact of working with Paul, he has been the ideal business coach for us. Paul has a direct clear style and passionate commitment to our success. With his guidance and support, we have clarity on our goals and our path to achieving them. Paul has helped us build upon a 40-year successful business by helping us align our resources and create lines of accountability. We are more transparent within our leadership team and with our employees and our vision and core values speak to who we are and how we do business. Paul has challenged us to think “bigger”, “better” and “faster”. His favorite saying is “if you are comfortable you are not going fast enough”. We are all fans of Paul that he helps us gain clarity and focus so we are all rowing in the same direction.”

Farida Ali, CEO of Dynamic Computer

“We had difficulty executing on our priorities in a timely manner. Paul is an operations focused entrepreneur. His experience helped our team understand how to “get things done”. Sometime it makes sense to bring in experience that knows how to ignite the potential in your organization. Paul did that for us.”

Chris Hopkins, CEO of Grid4 Communications

“We started our work with Paul to enhance our team rhythm and create more accountability for our strategic goals. With his direct coaching style, Paul has been highly instrumental in keeping us focused on our key objectives. He sharpened our execution and facilitated open and honest communication among our senior leadership team. With Paul’s guidance, our team is now more aligned than ever.”

Brian Demkowicz, Managing Partner at Huron Capital

When I first met with Paul, he described himself as a “full contact” business coach/facilitator and after having worked with him for 7 years now, I’ve come to realize that was an understatement. Paul brings an unparalleled passion and intensity to our leadership strategy sessions that inspires each individual, and our collective team, to step up their game and get after it. He’s incredible, not only at helping our team challenge each other, but at challenging us directly when needed. It’s obvious that he takes ownership in our goals, strategies and overall success. It’s refreshing to work with someone who truly understands the difficulty of building a business, having done so himself. I highly recommend Paul to any business/team that wants to cut through the BS and start moving the needle.”

Pete Davis, CEO of Impact Management Service

“Working with Paul as a coach has been a great experience for myself and IMPACT. Paul has been a tremendous resource to help us implement a business strategy to streamline our organization and put us in the best possible position for growth. In two years of working together, he has demonstrated his ability to add real value to our organization by challenging us to improve and view our business through a different lens. Paul has a very sharp mind and when working with him you really get a partner who cares about your success.”

Joe Pomaranski, Vice President at Impact Management Service

“Paul brings a unique mix of methodology expertise and real world experience in running a business that has added tremendous value to our business.”

Aaron Stone, President and CEO of InterVision

A business colleague introduced Paul to us in 2016 and we were immediately convinced that he was the business coach we needed. Our leadership team had believed we could build a strong, cohesive team without the cost of a business coach. A little less than a year into it, we had the opportunity to meet Paul and learn about the differences between doing this on our own and having Paul’s support.

After working with Paul for the last 7 years now, it is very clear that the cost of his support was one of the best investments we have ever made. With his background, personality and passion, he has brought a laser-focused yet human approach to helping us develop the foundations necessary to thrive – trust being key among them.

Paul has become a teacher, coach, mentor and friend to many over the years we have worked with him.  Results could not have come at a better time as we work through the legacy issues of a 47-year-old business in a rapidly changing industry. We are grateful beyond words to find someone of Paul’s caliber in Northern MI.

Gary Fedus, CEO of Mitchell Graphics

“Working with Paul has been one of the best things that have happened in my professional career! Before meeting Paul we were unclear, frustrated and felt stuck in our efforts to scale the company. Paul helped me and my executive team set clear goals, have a meeting agenda, and hold each other accountable to get things done. With Paul’s guidance we were able to set the highest priorities and grow the company 30% every year since. Paul is a great leader, and we are so grateful to have met him.”

Chris Klaidi Shyti, CEO of RJ Logistics

“I was lucky enough to meet Paul through an executive CEO search that he led, Paul placed with me with one of his clients as their first ever CEO. Working with Paul through the recruiting process, the onboarding process and then having him as an executive coach/business consultant was an absolute pleasure. Paul is the most effective executive business coach/mentor that I have worked with in my career. His personal touch, focus on culture while leveraging a disciplined approach makes him the ideal business coach. He has vast experience with small, medium, and large private and/or public companies which gives Paul a wealth of knowledge for most complex business situations. Paul practices servant leadership, which has always been extremely important for my leadership style and gave Paul and I an instant connection. I could call him at 6AM on Sunday and he was ready and willing to talk me through an issue.
Most importantly with Paul – I made a new good friend, someone who will be a part of my life even if I don’t have him under contract.”

Charlie Stumb, President of Penn Engineering Americas

“When we began working with Paul we had great people, energizing passion, and a strong mission but we were lacking an ability to move together as a team towards a clear strategy. Within the first year he led us to revamp our processes and the way we were looking at our organizational layout. This gave us the needed skills to clearly define our departments, see where employees were misaligned, and clarify roles and responsibilities. We are now in our third year of working with Paul and our organization has transformed. We have employees operating in their strengths and able to create personal work goals that align with and move forward our corporate strategy. Over the last two-years we have outperformed our aggressive financial and cliental goals. We look forward to working alongside Paul for many years to come”

Jennifer Finnegan, CEO of Single Momm

“Paul Tetreault has been an amazing gift to me and the rest of the FrontierUS leadership team. Throughout our continuing three-year engagement with Boxcar Advisory, it has become clear that Paul loves his work. He has quickly become an indispensable and passionate asset for our leadership team. He forces us into uncomfortable spaces where the most important conversations happen. He invests in our success… he is demanding… he drives us to push for higher levels of achievement. With his guidance, we have built a strong, and cohesive leadership team, and added structure & cadence to our work that helps us to execute better and achieve great things!”

Paul Wieland, President & CEO of Frontier Computer Corp.

I am pushing 69 years of age and I’m the CEO and majority owner of a 100-year-old family business.  I first met Paul Tetreault while I was anguishing over the decision to sell our family business or re-structure it and develop professional managers to continue to build the business for the fourth generation of ownership.  While there are other family members still working in the business, there is no heir apparent operating manager to continue family management.  Clearly, it was decision time – sell or build a new organizational structure to carry on the business.

My choice was to develop new leadership to manage the continued growth and success of the business while keeping open the option of a sale should future conditions warrant.  I needed help to vision and manage the most significant transformation our business has encountered.  I needed a loyal partner to share the questions, challenges, and decision making to build our key team members and onboard new leadership.  That partner has been Paul.  Paul has worked with me and our company over the past eight years.  We began our engagement with Paul as an EOS implementer and also served as an advisory board member. During our working time together, Paul has been an invaluable and trusted business resource.  His strong background as a business owner and manager have provided him with rich experience and grounded perspective.  He has brought new insights, processes and planning tools to our team and helped instill a much-needed sense of “ownership” and accountability among our leadership team. 

Our company has been imbued with three generations of somewhat paternal management so change has been difficult for me as well as our team.  Paul is able to bring the “real world” inside our protected walls to help facilitate critical change in thinking and performing. Most appreciated of all, Paul gives his heart to the cause.  He deeply shares my pains and goals and needs to make an impact.  If you work with Paul, expect to spend some time with weekend and evening conference calls because he is a committed business partner who keeps your interests top of mind.”

Rick Fulton, CEO of National Time & Signal Corporation

“Paul Tetreault was engaged by our company over six years ago and it has been nothing short of AMAZING what has been accomplished. I used to ‘feel’ the responsibility for our company was almost 100% on my shoulders and now the accountability and shared goals are spread across the entire team. We are aligned in values, vision and results. I would never go back to the old way of getting work done with our team. We are much more productive, passionate and consistently happy as we strive for excellence together. Paul has played a unique and impactful role in helping our company to be more profitable and successful as we go through adopting better business processes and operating as a cohesive, aligned team. 

Even though this process has continued now for several years, it changes and adapts with our needs and business challenges. Paul has become an invaluable asset and partner. We plan to use his services in the years ahead, and to continue to increase our success as we set goals and exceed client expectations together.”

Jennifer Wynn Stoll, CEO of Utility Reduction Analysts

Paul has not only brought practical tools to better manage and drive our business, his business experience and insights have ensured we are focused on elements that really impact our business.   He brings real experience growing and building businesses which keeps the team grounded in reality rather than theory.”

Raj Kothari, CEO of Cascade Partners

We engaged Paul at Boxcar Advisors almost immediately after I became CEO in late 2019. At the time, the company needed guidance in critical areas that make an organization more than just people collecting checks with the same header. We lacked clarity and consistency in our vision, mission, and core values.

As a startup that spans every US time zone and dramatically different opinions on nearly every facet, we are after a goal that is both extraordinarily ambitious and worthwhile. Experienced and successful professionals, as well as academics, comprise our team. All of this inevitably makes facilitating strategic planning challenging.

Paul succeeded where others would have struggled. He is the perfect combination of practitioner, coach, and facilitator… and, at times, mentor.”

Matthew Porter, CEO of Invisibly

It has been six years since we started working with Paul in 2014 and my company long ago left the entrepreneurial workshop model and we continue to grow our business as a functioning organization. Our revenue has grown from $4M to over $30M and we have clear accountabilities and a vision that all team members work at each day. It has always been clear to me that Paul had owned a significant business himself with his own at-risk capital and the insights he opens up make clear he has personal experience with many of the issues we are challenged with. Our business continues to grow organically and through acquisitions with Paul’s counsel being a critical component of our decision making. As a business owner losing sleep, I am grateful to have an advisor that I can trust working with my team, but also in individual discussions on those issues that only a fellow business owner can appreciate. No longer do I work for the business,  the business works for me and my quality of life has never been better for my family and I. We expect to continue this work with Paul for many more years.”

Derek Marranca, CEO of Job Site Services, Inc.

“Our partnership with Paul Tetreault over the last three years has been transformative. His unwavering passion and expertise have significantly impacted our leadership team, instilled accountability, and driven us toward our strategic objectives. He’s more than a business coach, he’s a mentor and a catalyst for our success. His dedication and commitment are exceptional, and we’re profoundly grateful. His commitment to coaching and teaching, resourcefulness in facilitating learning and growth, and dedication to advancing people’s careers are commendable. Paul, you have inspired me and provided me with the necessary tools to further my career. I thoroughly enjoy our work together. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you!

Greg Bright, Director of Operations – Frontier Computer Corp