to our facilities.

The Boxcar Business Coaching facility was designed for teams to get some serious work done in a single day with multiple rooms geared to do just that.  The investment your company is prepared to make in me deserves a return investment for your team’s comfort and a facility equipped to really get things done.

At the heart of this facility is the session room itself, which can comfortably accommodate 10 people around a 16-foot conference table with chairs that were ergonomically engineered for people to comfortably sit in for an entire day. I was determined to have great chairs and they are so good, several clients bought the same chairs after a day here!

Technology is world class with a theater quality sound system, 84-inch TV, multiple cameras, whiteboard projection and all are hard-wired for secured, durable video conferencing capabilities.

Many may argue the bar area is really the heart of my facility, but it works very well no matter how you choose to rank it – but it doesn’t open until 4pm and only if great work is done by the team in-house! There is also a private wellness room that can be used for personal breaks, in-session occurrences such as when a “time-out” is needed to address issues with discretion or privacy for new mothers.

There is also my own space to do thinking stuff which is just very comfortable and available, along with the lobby as you enter. Everything in the facility is thoroughly cleaned after each session and I have multiple hospital grade air purifiers (see www.IQAir.com) in use at all time.

Please come on in and see how your leaders could do some serious offsite work at the Boxcar Business Coaching facility.

Paul Tetreault

Principal of Boxcar Advisory,
Certified Pinnacle Business Guide