About Paul

Certified Pinnacle Business Guide with over 25 years of entrepreneurial history

I draw from both my business experience and Pinnacle training to provide tools and insights to help your team overcome many of the same challenges that were conquered in my own business journey.

My life experience also provides me a broad spectrum of perspectives to help my clients see their issues in a different light. I am the middle child of a family of nine and my father was a tool & die maker. I had a multitude of paper routes, worked at a local produce market and painted houses before I was sixteen and then was a cabinet maker before working as a janitor through college and then completing law school at night while I worked at General Motors Tax Staff.

I started a company that grew to 100+ employees with two partners, sold this business to a NYSE company, returned my entire net worth to purchase those two companies back from a bankrupted estate, sold these one year later to a privately held multi-billion dollar company, and for 9 years past my earnout managed five mutually exclusive operating units with $100M in revenue and 200+ employees. I have been professionally coaching clients since 2012 when I started Boxcar Advisory and was an EOS Implementer for over 5 years before starting with Pinnacle Business Guides.

Somewhere in this life, I have likely been in your shoes and know how to constructively drill into the real issues to help your team find the best, most effective answers.

My story contains many victories and quite a few painful failures, but all of this provided an abundance of learning opportunities that served my company well. Like most business leaders, I laid awake anguishing over daily issues and regularly rolled up my sleeves on the frontlines to maintain morale and progress towards our goals. It was not easy work, but it was exciting and it was fun. I also learned how business leadership is woven into every minute of a 24-hour day.

The approach I used to help our leaders reach their potential was grounded in my belief that most people desire to work hard, they want to be part of a winning team and they want to be empowered to impact the company in a meaningful way. These beliefs afforded me many deep relationships in the business world, a quest I continue to pursue in my work at Boxcar.

I am intensely passionate about the world of business and get energized helping leaders become stronger and more effective in all aspects of their life. Business should be fulfilling for all team members and it is on us leaders to make that happen. I have a direct, full-contact coaching style that reflects my passion to develop great leaders who ignite the passions of a loyal and committed workforce.

My work is dedicated to help business leaders consistently achieve their business goals and to develop deep, lasting business relationships.  It is part of who I am to have a positive and intense impact on the teams I work with and my passion is readily apparent when I first meet with a client team. I love the relationship aspect of my work, I love the work I do and I welcome the initial meeting of all prospective clients to determine if we are a fit to do some great work together.

Paul Tetreault

Principal of Boxcar Advisory & Certified Pinnacle Business Guide


“Paul brings a unique mix of methodology expertise and real-world experience in running a business that has added tremendous value to our business.”

Aaron Stone – CEO, Intervision

“We had difficulty executing on our priorities in a timely manner. Paul is an operations-focused entrepreneur. His experience helped our team understand how to “get things done”. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in the experience that knows how to ignite the potential in your organization. Paul did that for us.”

Chris Hopkins – CEO, Grid4 Communications

"With his direct coaching style, Paul has been highly instrumental in keeping us focused on our key objectives. He sharpened our execution and facilitated open and honest communication among our senior leadership team.”

Brian Demkowicz – Managing Partner from Huron Capital

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