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About Paul

Certified Pinnacle Business Guide with over 25 years of entrepreneurial history

As the Principal of Boxcar Advisory, I embrace the fundamentals of Pinnacle Business Guides and will passionately help your leadership team implement the Pinnacle process into your company. You will feel an energized operational rhythm from a unified leadership strategy that drives your company everyday, so you get the business results you want.

For over 25 years, I have been engaged in entrepreneurial activity working to build strong, cohesive leadership teams that are fascinated with achieving predictable and sustainable business performance from their companies.

I’ve started several companies of my own and have been where you are most likely at as you search for solutions to your business frustrations. In my business career, I used my own earned capital to build a company with more than 100+ employees and enjoyed sustainable success and predictable profitability. I know what keeps business leaders awake at night because I anguished over these same pressures for most of my career and I use this experience to help leaders become stronger in the work we now do together. My own companies followed concepts similar to those of Pinnacle Business Guides, so I readily identify with the Pinnacle disciplines that I teach and bring insights from my significant business experience into the work I do with my clients.

After graduating from Walsh College with an accounting degree and then a law degree from the Michigan State University College of Law (Detroit College of Law at the time), I began my entrepreneurial journey in 1990 with two partners by creating two service businesses, CRI, and Motor City Computer. We built these companies by keeping things simple and treating our employees with the understanding that most people want to work hard and to know exactly how they contribute to a winning team. So we empowered our employees and held them accountable to clear strategies while embracing core values that served everyone in the company.

We grew rapidly and became definitive leaders in our field and after years of consistent growth, we sold both companies to a NYSE corporation in a transaction that in 2 years proved to not serve us or our employees well. On a dramatic Friday, myself and 140 employees were summarily terminated by our parent company and over the course of that weekend, my partners and I stood up a new company and met payroll for all employees one week later.

Our focus was on buying our company back from what eventually became a bankrupt estate and rebuilding our company on the original core values that every employee embraced and lived each day. Within the next year, it became apparent we needed a larger footprint and sought a partner that was fully aligned with who we were as a company and shared our vision. We sold our company a second time to privately held Allegis Group, Inc in a transaction that proved to be highly positive for all owners and employees of both companies. In my new role at Allegis Group, I was asked to oversee five separate operating divisions accounting for over $100M annual revenue and 400+ employees. In this leadership role, I was able to continue my passion for mentoring and coaching business leaders and helping them to reach their true potential.

My business career was not always an easy road, but I am confident this journey afforded me an education few Business Coaches have actually experienced and learned from. I have on several occasions deposited seven figures of my personal capital into business ventures and have consistently rolled up my sleeves on the entrepreneurial frontlines or in my capacity as part of a large corporate leadership team. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and get energized working with people who are on similar journeys as my own business career. I empathize deeply with today’s business leaders as I have confronted many of the same challenges facing your business and have the intuitive understanding that growing a business can be both very exciting and very rewarding, but does not come without many pains, heartaches and sleepless nights.

I think about my own entrepreneurial experience and how the disciplined simplicity of Pinnacle Business Guides would have made running my companies easier, more predictable and less stressful. Pinnacle not only helps you identify and resolve business issues, but it also becomes a proven model that the business can rely upon for continuous improvement and achieving goals with a harmonious, predictable cadence. And Pinnacle Business Guides cultivate an open and honest leadership teams that are committed to the vision and core values of the company, achieving the results you expect in a predictable and consistent action plan.

When coaching leadership teams while implementing Pinnacle, I take a full-contact approach as I have a communication style that is innately direct. I am comfortable entering the danger zone with clients to identify critical and delicate issues that are affecting company performance and frustrating the ability to achieve a company strategy. I then seek to positively guide the leadership team through the difficult decision path necessary to execute on solutions that make sense for the betterment of the company. My only goal is to build open and honest Leadership Teams that are truly willing to do what it takes to build a great company by focusing only on the action plans leading towards the company vision.

It is part of who I am to have a positive and intense impact on the teams I work with and my passion is apparent when I first meet with a client. I love what I do and welcome the initial meeting of all prospective clients such as yourself.

Paul Tetreault

Principal of Boxcar Advisory & Certified Pinnacle Business Guide


“Paul brings a unique mix of methodology expertise and real-world experience in running a business that has added tremendous value to our business.”

Aaron Stone – CEO, Intervision

“We had difficulty executing on our priorities in a timely manner. Paul is an operations-focused entrepreneur. His experience helped our team understand how to “get things done”. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in the experience that knows how to ignite the potential in your organization. Paul did that for us.”

Chris Hopkins – CEO, Grid4 Communications

Paul has been a tremendous resource to help us implement a business strategy to streamline our organization and put us in the best possible position for growth.”

Joe Pomaranski – Vice President, Impact Management Services