Unleash your team's full potential.

Strategic business coaching for leadership team.

Tired of feeling frustrated & disappointed?

You have the ambition and drive to do great things, but your team doesn’t seem to be on the same page. Disconnected processes diminish scalability and create frustration. Your team is not synced with intense levels of focus, motivation, and engagement.

You know your team is capable of more, but you’re not sure how to get them on board.

Inspire Direct, Open Communication

Strengthen Team Unity

Build a Well Run Business

Your team can accomplish more.

Get on the right track and build the foundation for a better business with help from Boxcar.

Fully Aligned Employees

You can’t get to where you know you should be without your people being truly aligned. Get your team on the same page and inspire team cohesion with open, honest communication.

Harmonious Processes

Eliminate the friction of inefficiency with
improved dialogue and processes that flow seamlessly throughout the company.

Consistent Growth

When your people and your processes
work well together with a clear strategy,
you will generate sustainable growth.

I’ll help you ignite your team’s passion and drive.

I know how hard it is to deal with teams that aren’t stepping up as much as you’d like because I’ve been there too. After 25+ years of leadership experience, I have encountered many of the frustrations you are experiencing. I use what I’ve learned in my own entrepreneurial journey to help my clients overcome these issues and ignite passion and drive among their teams..

3 steps to a high-performing team:

1. Prioritize

Recognizing there’s a problem starts the process of solving it. Schedule a free call, and we’ll get you on your way to getting your entire team, strategies, and action plans in sync.

2. Practice

I’ll help you implement a playbook to align leadership, culture, operations, and strategy. Watch your team transform from a disconnected group of people into a cohesive team that produces consistent and predictable results.

1. Prosper

Accomplish your goals — and unleash the full potential of your team — with clear strategy, direct communication, and streamlined processes that take your team from good to GREAT.

Accomplish exceedingly great things
with a strong team that knows how
to get things done.

As the owner of Boxcar Business Coaching, I believe your team should be just as passionate and driven as you are.

That’s why I help my clients create a strategic plan to improve communication,
streamline system processes, and inspire creative ambition among their team

Working with Boxcar will help you cultivate lasting team loyalty and motivate your team to work together to accomplish exceedingly great things.

Paul Tetreault

Founder, Certified Pinnacle Business Guide